Poker Heat FREE Chips Daily Bonus Collector (January 2022)

Poker Heat FREE Chips Daily Bonus Collector


Need Poker Heat FREE Chips 2022?

Winning Poker Heat FREE Chips Bonus Daily Is EASY!

Want to know how to claim Poker Heat FREE Chips every day?

Poker Heat Free Chips

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You will get Unlimited Poker Heat Free Chips & Poker Heat FREE Chips Daily Bonus Collector with Tips and Tricks to Help You Win At Poker Heat.


About Poker Heat

Join Now and Bring the HEAT! Compete in the greatest Poker leagues to become a Poker LEGEND!

Join the newest poker leagues and compete. Move up seven leagues to the top of the leaderboard and win MILLIONS OF CHIPS IN PRIZES!


• Play in 7 leagues ranging from Amateur to Legend

• Finish in the top tier to earn BIG PRIZES

• Unlock new tables for more competition and greater pots

• Daily Free Chip incentives!


Poker Heat By WSOP (World Series Of Poker) Poker App

In the greatest POKER APP WITH EPIC LEAGUES, compete in furious poker games while placing your bets online. Test your Texas poker strategy and place your greatest wager like a true VIP Texas poker player!

Ascend the ranks of TEN poker leagues to the top and win MILLIONS of chips in the process!!

Solo play from your phone and experience the greatest Vegas Casino Poker online while competing in live poker games against other VIP players from around the world.

Feel the HEAT with Free Texas Hold'em Poker - your free chips are waiting for you in the poker room – there's a reason poker is the best card game around!


Amazing Features Of Poker Heat

League-Based Competition

Looking for something a little more thrilling than regular Las Vegas poker games to put your poker strategy to the test? Poker Heat's innovative league-based competitiveness mechanism, combined with party-like classic poker games, ensures heated rivalry.

Our wide selection of online poker rooms provides an experience unlike any other, far superior to any ordinary online poker program.

To get into the 'Promotion Zone' and advance to the next level, begin by playing in the Newbie Court. 

Compete in ten leagues, place online bets with your free chips, and finish in the top tier to earn HUGE PRIZES!! You may play free poker games online. Play free online poker, place your bet, and join the poker party!

Players From Around The World

Play in a global poker tournament right from your phone! Bluff your friends and outsmart poker players from all over the world by showing your poker hand, anteing up, going ALL IN, or folding.

Play free poker Texas Holdem online with your friends by simply clicking the Invite button at the poker tables. Play in fascinating poker tournaments for a chance to win big!


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Win Daily Bonus & Free Chips

Get your daily bonus of free poker chips multiplied by your league standing! The higher the league, the greater the multiplier — and the bigger the jackpot!

In the Promotion Zone, the league's top TX poker players will find a prize pool full of free poker chips.

In Poker Heat, the finest online Texas Holdem app, you may join the World Class league and become a poker legend among poker heroes! Play online poker tournaments whenever and anywhere you want!

Thrilling Content

As a true poker king, enter Poker Heat's online VIP casino and explore nine different stadiums, each with its own poker style and attitude!

Begin in the Newbie Court, progress via the Victory Cage, and finally to the Ring of Honor, which is reserved for the true poker pro!

Take advantage of player statistics, hand strength information, stunning animations, and much more! Find great offers on chips at the Chips Store and buy them right away at a low price!

New Poker Rings Arriving!

You may be a good poker player and an expert at Texas Holdem, but can you earn our RING with your poker skills?

We've recently turned up the heat and added an all-new poker ring collection to our poker gaming experience.

To win crowns, play free Texas Hold'em poker and fulfill assignments. Only once you've earned enough crowns will you be considered worthy of the ring.

Claim your free poker chips, put on your nicest ring at the poker table, and brag about your accomplishments in front of everyone. Get your free poker chips right now!


Poker Heat FREE Chips Daily Bonus Collector 2022


Poker Heat Free Chips 24 January

  •  Collect Poker Heat Free Chips Bonus


Poker Heat Free Chips 23 January

  •  Collect Poker Heat Free Chips Bonus


Poker Heat Free Chips 22 January

  •  Collect Poker Heat Free Chips Bonus


Poker Heat Free Chips 21 January

  •  Collect Poker Heat Free Chips Bonus


Poker Heat Free Chips 20 January


Poker Heat Free Chips 19 January


Poker Heat Free Chips 18 January


Poker Heat Free Chips 17 January


Poker Heat Free Chips 16 January


Poker Heat Free Chips 15 January


Poker Heat Free Chips 14 January


Poker Heat Free Chips 13 January


How To Get Free Chips In Poker Heat?

Today, I'm going to show you three ways to collect Poker Heat Chips absolutely for FREE!!

Let's Begin...


How To Collect Chips Outside The Poker Heat Game?

Through Notifications

You will receive free Poker Heat chips if you click the Facebook alerts. Allow the game to load completely before interacting with the popup.

You may also earn free chips by interacting with your phone's game alerts.

Free Chips are available by clicking on Facebook posts.

On the game's Facebook page, there are links to get free Poker Heat chips by clicking on them.


How To Collect Chips Inside The Poker Heat Game?

Compile a list of chip gifts from friends.

When other players add you as a buddy in the game, they can send you a chip gift.

Your league determines how many free Poker Heat chips you receive. The quantity of chip presents you can receive in a day also changes.

In Leagues, Perform Well

You will receive additional free Poker Heat chips at the end of the game if you perform well in leagues. To get the most chips, you should attempt to be in the top league possible.

Most chips are earned by finishing in the top three league standings. To gain more chips, try to climb up as many places as possible in leagues.

Take a spin on the Mega Bonus Wheel.

The Mega Bonus Wheel can be spun once every 20 hours. You must play ten poker hands at any stakes to activate your spin.

The number of free Poker Heat chips you receive is determined by your position on the wheel.

Use the Free Chip Button to get some free chips.

You can tap/click a free chip button on the home screen every four hours. Do this as often as possible to amass a large number of free Poker Heat chips.

View Videos

On the mobile version of the game, you may buy 4000 chips each time you watch a video ad.

I'm not sure how the game figures out how many videos you can watch in a day, but it varies for me.

I enjoy earning free chips this way since I can watch the video advertisements while doing other things.

Also, keep in mind that not everyone will be able to view video commercials. I'm not sure what kind of folks they are, so you might not see them.

Gather Rings

You get millions of chips every time you collect a ring. Ring Crowns are earned by playing frequently, which can take a long time.

Invite your friends to the game.

Chips are awarded for bringing new players into the game.


How To Collect Chips Through Poker Heat Events?

Concerning Poker Heat Events

If you participate in the game's activities, you can earn free chips. The following are some of the game's incidents that I've witnessed.

Learn about upcoming events by visiting the Facebook page.

Poker Heat hosts events regularly, and the easiest way to stay up to date on current and past events is to visit the Facebook page.



FAQ's On Poker Heat

How do you get free heat chips in poker?

  • Select Notifications from the drop-down menu. You will receive free Poker Heat chips if you click the Facebook alerts.
  • Free Chips are available by clicking on Facebook posts.
  • Spin the Mega Bonus Wheel
  • Use the Free Chip Button
  • In Leagues, Perform Well
  • Collect Rings
  • Collect Chip Gifts From Friends.
  • Inviting others to the game is a good idea.

Hope you liked our "Poker Heat FREE Chips Daily Bonus Collector".

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